Pulled logo and branding

Street food is massive at the moment and an ever growing sector with new styles of cooking and brands being developed all the time. In this instance, we were asked to get involved helping ‘PULLED’ with their market research; to help them define what their cutomers wanted from the new food companies visual look and feel. Once we had this insight we filtered down the design concepts to produce a complete identity. Pulled meat is a roasting joint cooked in the oven, and left to cook really slowly on a low heat for anywhere between 3 and 12 hours, until it literally falls apart when you jab a fork into it. The “pulled” refers to the strands of meat that are produced when the meat has been cooked on a low heat, very slowly (low and slow) broken down so beautifully that it literally tears apart with the gentlest of pulls from two forks. The identity reflected this method while retaining a vintage feel. Care and attention was taken when looking at the typography, mixture of fonts, the shape, texture and illustrative elements.

Look out for Pulled Meats coming to a street food festival near you soon. We are getting hungry just typing this blog!

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