Universal Composite Doors Website

Brand-ing has helped UCD launch Stage 1 of their new Composite Door website design.

Neil Peck the Managing Director of Universal Composite Doors asked us to take a design steer from a marketing brochure he was about to bring to the market. This was designed by Cameo Studios in Cambridgeshire. By using this completed brochure we were able to re-work the format into a mobile friendly, quick to navigate site.

The UCD range of products fall into two categories: traditional and contemporary. Within these categories there are various door styles which have two types of door structure (one heavier than the other) and different types of glass. There is so much customer choice, that we had to develop a ‘Gallery’ where people could quickly see the differences between products and choose a style so they could get a quote.

We presented the designs in a mobile format before moving to the desktop variation. This enabled the client to quickly grasp how the site would eventually look before we moved into web development.

If you need a new front door, please do take a look and get in touch with one of Neils team.