Giant Post it Note desk!

While surfing some interesting sites, we came across this article, a designers dream: For those who constantly forget to wear their Post-it watches, and like to take down notes on their desks, Milan-based design firm SoupStudio created an almost-ideal workstation for designers that always give you access to reminders and free doodling space. Called ‘Post-Itable’, the desk is a stack of giant Post-its so that users can doodle away or take notes without the hassle of looking for a clean piece of paper. Like how Post-it Notes work, once finished with a layer, users can just rip off the giant Post-it t and have a clean workstation. When finished with the stack, a new block of Post-its can be replace for a ‘new table’– maybe even of a different colour. Lisbon-based designer Miguel Mestre has also created a similar table that draws on the idea—beyond the boundaries of notebook pages and post-its. His desk is a stack of 100x70cm blank paper for designers, and its price is available upon request. The article was sourced from

After all, we can’t always talk about our work!